Air Conditioning Installation

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Air Conditioning Maintenance

An Air Conditioning system which receives regular maintenance will perform better than a neglected one. That performance reduction is reflected in the cost to run and the output. The filter associated with the indoor unit/s should be cleaned to ensure a good airflow. In addition the outside unit should be kept clear from greenery, the coil clean from blockage.

If you want your air conditioner to last all summer long with minimal issues, annual maintenance is essential. During maintenance, a technician will tune-up your unit to ensure it is clean and running efficiently and safely. With an AC tune-up, you can not only worry less about a breakdown but you can also benefit from:

  • More energy-efficient cooling
  • Lower cooling costs
  • More consistent temperatures
  • Fewer air conditioner repairs
  • Longer life
  • Better indoor air quality
  • More dependable indoor comfort