Who We Are

About the Company:
The company was founded in 2011 as Envi Engineers Pte Ltd M&E with over 7 years growth and experience in the mechanical and electrical services sector. Our Head office and fabrication workshop is located in singapore . To support our work, we opened a branch office in india.
Our management structure is made up of long term employees who are committed and contribute to the business and it’s profile.
Projects undertaken are very diverse, ranging from small commercial to large office, retail, leisure and industrial sites. With our own manufacturing facility, our workshop can meet both bespoke and urgent contract requirements.
We are committed to Health & Safety. We take this very seriously to protect our employees, clients, other contractors and the public in execution of our installations. Employees under go timely Health & Safety updates and training using external consultants when applicable.

Principles of Our Work

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Construction Managment
Facility Maintenance
Mining Infrastructure
Pavement Preservations